Hello world!

Hi there, thanks for stopping by Out of Office Mode!

I have a few posts queued up, but figured I’d include a few sneak peak photos in an obligatory “Hello World” post. This blog will mainly focus on outdoor lifestyle, fashion and appropriate reviews. As a recent transplant from NYC back to San Francisco, I’ve begun appreciating the outdoors more and more. Admittedly, a few years ago I would have never gone camping – “No showers? No outlets to plug in my flat iron?” But now, I’m planning several camping trips this year and hopefully a Torres del Paine trek next year 🙂

The goal of this blog is to show that there can indeed be overlap between performance clothing and everyday fashion. I hope to encourage others to explore outside as well, even if it’s one step at a time!

OOOM Mission Peak Trail
Mission Peak Regional Park, April 2017

OOOM S'well Initial Temperature
Battle of the Insulated Bottles, April 2017

North Lake Tahoe, April 2017

North Lake Tahoe, April 2017

Stay tuned!