• Kettlebell, Weights & Horsestall Mat

    At-Home Workouts: ‘Rona Edition

    Unsurprisingly, my Barry’s Bootcamp at home DIY post has had an uptick in traffic over the past few days. While I still have the same equipment listed in that post, I’ve made some additions and modifications since then.  Heavy Duty Exercise Mat Because my husband started doing kettlebell workouts (more on that below) with heavier weights, we needed to upgrade our mat last year. After some extensive online research, we went to a local feed supply store to buy a 4’ x 8’ horse stall mat. This thing is heavy duty and literally heavy – it must have weighed more than 60 lbs. But it’s been great for absorbing the…

  • DIY Barry's Bootcamp at Home
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    DIY Barry’s Bootcamp at Home

    While I love the outdoors, it’s tough to get away for a hike on the weekdays with work- instead, I’ll typically take classes at various studios and gyms. When I moved to NYC in 2014 for grad school, several classmates raved about a new fitness subscription service at the time called ClassPass. Fast forward three years later, and I’m still a loyal subscriber on their 5-class per month plan for $65. It’s great for getting in some quick workouts on weekdays after work. I’m a huge fan of Barry’s Bootcamp on the platform, but the plan only allows me to go there twice a month. For those not familiar with…