Kettlebell, Weights & Horsestall Mat

At-Home Workouts: ‘Rona Edition

Unsurprisingly, my Barry’s Bootcamp at home DIY post has had an uptick in traffic over the past few days. While I still have the same equipment listed in that post, I’ve made some additions and modifications since then. 

Heavy Duty Exercise Mat

Because my husband started doing kettlebell workouts (more on that below) with heavier weights, we needed to upgrade our mat last year. After some extensive online research, we went to a local feed supply store to buy a 4’ x 8’ horse stall mat. This thing is heavy duty and literally heavy – it must have weighed more than 60 lbs. But it’s been great for absorbing the impact of 50lb+ weights, which my old mat could not have done.

If you’re looking to designate a “space” for workouts, here are some options that are online delivery-friendly:


Ok, this one isn’t technically my modification. My husband swears by his kettlebell routine, now that he’s been doing it for a few months. He follows this Kettlebell Simple & Sinister book and says it’s a great full-body strength routine. If this piques your interest, AmazonBasics also has their own kettlebell line for an easy start.

And if you’re looking for athletic clothing, both REI and Backcountry are having sales at the moment, with a 20% off one full-price item deal. Stay healthy, stay strong!