Who’s Kristy?

Hi there, thanks for stopping by Out of Office Mode! I’m Kristy, the creator and writer behind Out of Office Mode. I’m a 28-year old California native who’s been part of the 9 to 5 rat race since college. I’ve lived in the San Francisco bay area for 9 years now, with a short 2 year stint in NYC for graduate school.

What’s Out of Office Mode?

During my first stint in SF, I spent all day in the office and was absolutely terrible at exploring all the great parks and trails nearby. I recently moved back to San Francisco with a newfound appreciation for spending time outside and would like to share these adventures (both local and far reaching) on Out of Office Mode. As someone without any prior outdoors-y hobbies, it was quite the learning experience for me to research and purchase gear and clothing. I wouldn’t necessarily call this a fashion blog – but do hope that I can help others incorporate performance wear into their every day lifestyle!

Where else are you?

You can also find Out of Office Mode on Twitter and Instagram.