What to Pack for Yosemite in the Spring

View of Washington Column from North Pines Campground

Though Yosemite is located in central California, its weather varies greatly from the nearby warmer, dryer central valley. In the spring, temperatures can swing from 20 degrees F to 80 degrees F in the span of days – which can make packing a challenge. Like dressing for San Francisco, the key is to bring layers that can be easily added or removed. Read on for what I packed recently for a three-day two-night car camping trip!

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REI Garage Sale: Tips for First-Timers

REI Garage Sale San Francisco - Tips

Last weekend, I attended my very first REI Garage Sale at the San Francisco store. I know, I know, I’m way behind on this one! From what I read online beforehand, it sounds like the structure and formats of these sales tend to change over time. I wanted to write a post detailing my experience with this location and hopefully provide helpful tips for those looking to join in the near future.

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The North Face Women’s Venture Jacket Review

North Face Venture II Jacket; Sperry rain boots

We’ve been very lucky with rain these past few months in California – it feels like we’ve had more rainy days and than sunny days this winter! But no complaints, as the rain has been much needed after years of drought across the state. Which is why I began looking into purchasing a proper rain jacket that can be used in the city and for outdoor excursions as well.

Previously, I’ve used UNIQLO’s pocketable parka while running errands in the city. It’s also great for traveling as it’s lightweight and hardly takes up any space when stored. However, as you can imagine, it doesn’t quite hold up well against real rainstorms. For a rainy hike in Big Basin, I used my old trusty North Face triclimate shell – but, it too began absorbing water halfway through the hike. I’ve since re-treated it with Granger’s waterproofing spray to revive the DWR (durable water repellent) layer on the jacket. Though it’s much better now, I was still looking for that perfect rain jacket that was not too heavy and not too light.

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Heat Challenge: Hydro Flask vs YETI vs S’well

YETI vs Hydro Flask vs S'well vs Klean Kanteen

Over time, I’ve amassed an embarrassingly large collection of vacuum insulated steel water bottles including YETI, Hydro Flask, S’well and Klean Kanteen. I’ve managed to delude myself into believing each bottle serves a specific purpose in my daily life (Marie Kondo would not approve). But one thing I’ve never tested is their insulation properties relative to each other. If you’re curious about which bottle holds heat the best – read on!

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